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About us

Sinew Software Systems is based in Gurugram, India and is a privately held company. Here we are 25 tough strands in the Sinew; makers of very popular Enpass password Manager.

Formerly known as Walletx, Enpass was officially launched in 2011, and before that it was used internally at Sinew. During this small journey of 8 years, Enpass has managed to go a long distance, onboarding over a million users from around the world.

We strive to make digital life of our users safe and secure, and work hard every day to improve their experience in achieving the same across different platforms and devices.

Want to join us?

We are in need of skillfull team members and if you believe you can add more strength in the sinew with your razor-sharp skills, you're welcome. Introduce yourself at career@sinew.io with your latest resume.